Take advantage of our coast and our mountains and practice sport in its unbeatable landscapes: Cycle routes, climbing, surfing... 

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Playing with nature

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Cultura Deporte
Culture Sport
Eno-Gastronomía Paisaje
Gastronomy Sightseeing
Naturaleza Bienestar
Nature Welfare


Playing with nature

  • Bicycle countryPaisajeNaturalezaDeporte
    Amaze yourself at the beauty of the landscapes while you cycle along routes of varying difficulty.
  • On your own two feetNaturalezaBienestar
    Hike our most spectacular paths and breathe the pure air of nature.
  • Surf the southern waters of the bay of Biscay or the Cantábrico as it is known herePaisajeNaturalezaDeporte
    Immerse yourself in the marvellous adventure of surfing in Euskadi and enjoy each of its waves, its beaches and its surroundings.
  • Boast of swingingNaturalezaDeporte
    How your capacity practising this elegant sport among the mountains.
  • BirdwachingPaisajeNaturaleza
    Enjoy the pleasures of birdwatching in the most privileged spots and let these animals help you to discover this territory.