Because there is no greater pleasure than enjoying a good meal in one of the most important regions in terms of gastronomy: Learn cook and savour through courses, gastronomical tasting and tours.

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Straight to the Palate

We have classified the sensations by category for you to find what you want easyly.

Contact us and tell us your idea and we will send you a proposal as to how to carry it out.

Cultura Deporte
Culture Sport
Eno-Gastronomía Paisaje
Gastronomy Sightseeing
Naturaleza Bienestar
Nature Welfare


Straight to the Palate

  • Our cheeseGastronomy
    Go to a cheese-maker´s and take notes on the process of making and tasting one of our delicacies: Idiazabal Cheese.
  • From pintxo to pintxoGastronomy
    Learn to prepare this miniature cuisine and then to eat it.
  • PutxeraGastronomy
    Cook your own tradition railwayman’s stew or  putxera in the most traditional style and try it for yourself. Don’t just listen about it.
  • Lunch with a starGastronomy
    Have lunch or dinner at a restaurant holding a Michelin star.